The future of healthcare has arrived. The PWeR to transform healthcare is now in the hands of patients (consumers), healthcare providers and facilities. PWeR is the electronic integration of the patient care process – from scheduling appointments to recording and tracking diagnoses, treatments and outcomes. Providers and facilities experience an increase in productivity and efficiency, as well as improvements in accuracy and quality. PWeR patients are proactive participants in their own wellness; working hand in hand with their healthcare providers.

What is PWeR?

PWeR® (Personal Wellness electronic Record) is a state of the art, cloud-based, secure technology platform that centralizes patient data from multiple sources to one location, allowing connectivity between the patient and authorized physicians, hospitals, clinics and related professionals. This One Patient… Total Connectivity HIPAA compliant solution is designed to have medical records follow the patient, giving healthcare providers a 360 degree view of a patient’s record. PWeR propels healthcare technology to unprecedented heights using proven technology and business practices to follow the entire healthcare delivery process.

That’s PWeR – complexity meets simplicity.